Trending Now In Mobile Page Design

Trending Now in Mobile Page Design

If you’ve ever used your smart phone to access a website, you know text links are not your friend.  Their clickable area is small and a lot of times you wind up clicking on a link that’s either above or below the one you actually wanted to select.

Our suggestion, as designers, and developers is to make large, clickable areas, or buttons that you can easily select.  This will save you time and effort in navigating a website and getting to the pages you want to view.

A main benefit is to businesses who will gain more conversions from visitors being able to easily get around your site and contact you or download items.

Mobile sites are slowly making their way to being great alternatives to the full versions of websites, but they still have a way to go.

These are some good examples of current great mobile website designs:

I happen to like Twitter’s mobile site since it’s got big buttons and really all you need to do is either login or sign up.  The navigation at the very bottom gets you to your Tweets and connections easily.  Big, bold and uncluttered is the key.

Here are examples of mobile sites BEM has done:

Precision DoorMobile landing page

After Hours VetMobile landing page

Johns Plumbing HVACMobile landing page

Discovery Learning HTML mobile site

View these on your mobile phones to see the mobile versions of each site.

As we look to the future we will see if mobile versions of sites become the standard or if people will still view the full versions when needed.  Sometimes less is more, and with mobile pages this can be good or bad depending on what you came to the site to see.

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