Fabulous Facebook Pages – Tips and Tricks

Target Facebook Page

Useful, fun, and interesting apps for Facebook:

YouTube – http://www.appaddictive.com/apps_list.php?app=youtube

Display your YouTube channel and keep fans connected.

Pinterest – http://www.facebook.com/pinterest

I’m slightly obsessed with this, as a designer it’s very addictive.  Post useful products or inspiration for your customers.

iFrameWrapper – http://www.facebook.com/iFrameWrapper

A cleaner, easier way for you to install additional landing pages into your Facebook account. You don’t even have to know code – bonus!

Redbox Facebook Page

I’m all about being unique, but if you need a quick jumpstart to coming up with good profile and cover images, here are some tips: 

  1. Making your profile photo blend into your cover photo background through Polaroid photo effect, a 3D look, or thought bubble. 
  2. You might even consider making your profile photo look like a cut-out piece from your main cover image. 
  3. Make your profile and cover photos look unison (except for the white border that is standard around your profile photo).  Be creative, there are all kinds of ways to achieve this. 
  4. A cropped or large view of your logo in the cover photo – a small version of your logo in the profile pic.
  5. QR codes work great, too!
  6. Get interactive with your customers; have them participate by submitting cover photos that can win the coveted place as featured cover image.
  7. Show the history of your company through previous years (or from the very beginning) with Timeline.
  8. Use your smartphone to take pictures – they’re pretty great quality now and super easy to take.
  9. Your cover photo is like a first impression for your brand.  Make it count.  It can be funny or serious or a whatever you like; maybe a behind the scenes take.  Just make it count.  Ask yourself, “Does it represent you?”  “Does it brand me?”  “Will people remember it and associate it with my company?”  Is it YOU?
  10. People, not products, attract more.  Hey, people using your products works, too.
  11. You can change your image out as many times as you want.  Keeps things fresh.
  12. Your profile photo will accompany your comments and posts – make sure it’s not too busy.  Therefore, it should look good when super small, too.

    Be yourself, always, please!  You, your company, and customers will benefit.

Express Facebook Page

What You CANNOT include on your Facebook Cover Image:

  1. Calls to action, such as promotions or sales tactics
  2. A lot of text
  3. “Like” or “Share” or other Facebook features
  4. Contact information (things that really should go on your “About” section)
  5. Arrows pointing to areas on Facebook
  6. Prices, coupons, other people’s brands
  7. Remember, just make your photos creative and interesting, as mentioned above

Nike Football Facebook Page

Specs for Updating Your Timeline:

Profile Picture Example for Facebook
Profile Photo Example
  • Profile photos must be at least 180×180 pixels; they will display at 160×160 pixels in the shape of a square.
  • Profile photos start 210 pixels from the top and 23 pixels from the left side of your main cover photo.
  • Cover photos are 851×315 pixels. Images smaller than this will stretch to this size, although minimum upload size is 399 pixels wide.
  • If you cannot crop to this size, or don’t know how, use the app, Aviary (http://apps.facebook.com/aviaryeditor) that offers a “Cover Photo” crop option that crops your images to the dimensions needed for Facebook cover photos.  Upload to Facebook and voila!
  • Keep file sizes under 100 KB, otherwise Facebook will compress the photo size.
  • FYI, profile and cover images are public to anyone viewing your Timeline.

BEM Facebook Page

Tips and Tricks to Facebook:

  • Arrange your App order or choose custom thumbnails, except on Facebook’s apps (Photos, Notes, Events, Video, & Links). People pay the most attention to apps, second to your cover photo.  The Photos app will always be one of the 4 to display.
  • All promotions must run within Apps for Facebook.
  • Add Milestones in your Timeline with photos as landmarks.
  • You can also “highlight” by hovering over a story on your timeline and clicking the star icon.  The story expands to widescreen.  Click the star again to undo.
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