15 Twitter Terms I Bet You Haven’t Heard Before


Whether you just figured out what hashtags, retweets and handles are or you are a Twitter pro, there is still an entire twitterverse of twerminology to learn. Have you heard of these 15 twerms?
1.     BackTwound – A custom Twitter background for business or personal use
2.     Deja-Tweet – The overwhelming feeling that you saw the same tweet, from that same person before
3.     DeTweet – To delete a tweet
4.     Drive-by-tweet – A quick post in-between tasks
5.     ExactoTweet – A tweet that is exactly 140 characters
6.     Flitter – Tweeting while in flight
7.     Hoodlinked – Inadverently using a broken link on Twitter
8.     Intwesting – Interesting
9.     Netweeting – Networking on Twitter
10. Regurg-a-tweet – The act of re-tweeting a tweet that someone originally tweeted about you
11. Stwittering – Stuttering in your tweet; repeating a tweet back to back
12. Twait – A twitter message that is scheduled to be sent in the future
13. TwinkedIn – Inviting friends made on Twitter to connect with you on LinkedIn
14. Twetiquette – Using proper Twitter manners, behavior, decorum
15. Twitterpated – To be overwhelmed with Twitter messages
For even more check out this Twitter dictionary, um, I mean Twictionary.
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