Search & Social: A Love Story

I know what you’re thinking…..”Another post about social media and how it can help my business?!?” By now nearly everyone knows that social media marketing is a must. Everyone is on social media of some sort and it goes everywhere with us thanks to our phones and tablets. It’s all about sharing, liking, re-tweeting and +1’ing right? That’s certainly part of it, but there’s one huge, underlying benefit to social media marketing: Search.

There was a time when social media and search engine optimization / SEO were separate activities. The social team focused on engagement, shares, likes, retweets and +1’s, while the SEO folks were pulling this lever and that lever to move the rank needle. Each team went about their business disregarding what the other was doing, because, hey, different channels: social doesn’t affect rank anyway right? Wrong.

Fast forward to 2013: social signals have become increasingly important factors to search engines over the last few years. In a recent survey conducted by enterprise SEO platform Brightedge, 80% of marketers say they will put more focus on social as a means to improve rank. To fully leverage the weight social signals, social and SEO strategies will need to be fully integrated. Simply sharing content related to your industry or business won’t be the answer to improving rank. The content that goes social will need to sync with content presented on your website. This means working with your SEO team and finding out what content is tied to which keywords, ensuring that the content that goes social will be more likely to affect ranking.

As an example, for those of you using Twitter, a great way to mesh social and search is to track which keywords or topics related to your business are trending on Twitter. You can then share relevant pages from your site via Tweets, which will make the connection between your keyword focused pages and your social presence.

Will you be a part of the 80% that utilizes social to boost ranks this year? Comment below with thoughts on social media marketing or questions!

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