5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Ecommerce Site

Here are some very common mistakes that you should avoid if you want to secure more conversions and repeat business from consumers:


1. Providing a scant description then using the same description for similar products. A picture is not worth a thousand words when a potential purchase is based on details that are not obvious in a photo. Pictures can be enhanced. If a consumer has to go somewhere else to learn more about a product, they will likely buy from a different retailer/wholesaler, even if the price is a few dollars more. All the details that you can provide about your product or service, even if you think it isn’t important, may very well secure a sale. Never assume that your visitor knows as much about a product as you.


2. Not providing a mobile site. Many people browse and comparison shop using a tablet or smartphone but several of them will make a purchase using a mobile device IF you have a mobile site. Tablets are very versatile and consumers are now using them to read books, news articles and blogs as well as shop online while in bed, travelling, relaxing on the beach or in the back yard, while dining alone, etc., etc. If you don’t offer your visitors a mobile site, you will lose them to merchants that do.


3. Charging excessive shipping fees. If the item for sale is the only one of its kind, you may be able to sell it and charge unreasonable shipping fees but don’t hold your breath. There are some exceptions but two better ways around this is to offer actual shipping costs (no more than it costs you to ship) or price breaks. Move your products by offering the consumer discounted or free shipping on purchases over a specific amount, such as free shipping on purchases over $50, as an example.


4. Hiding or not providing contact information. If the only way to contact you is to complete and submit a form, the consumer is likely to leave. If she can’t speak to you when she has a simple question, she might think that she won’t be able to speak to you after the sale. Provide a phone number along with the form. If you have a B&M location, provide the address. Some consumers are likely to get into the car and pay you a visit.


5. Taking longer than 24 hours to reply to an email inquiry or voice mail message. Taking too long to respond makes the consumer feel like they are not important and neither is their money. They’ll spend it somewhere else. You’ll not only lose the first sale, you’ll lose potential repeat business.

Give the visitors to your ecommerce site all the information they need to make an informed decision or purchase. Sometimes, its the usefulness of the information that you provide – your obvious expertise -, your customer service, and reasonable shipping rates that sells while the product often sells itself.

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