The ABCs of Analytics [INFOGRAPHIC] – Are You Getting The ROI You Need From Analytics?

Here at BEM, one common theme we hear when speaking to prospective analytics consulting clients is the idea that even as organizations collect more and more data about their customers, actionable insights don’t always come hand-in-hand. When you consider how different those two processes are (data capture vs. data analysis), you can start to see why: implementing an analytics platform and collecting information is very tactical, while deriving insight is much more strategic. So it’s important to have a framework in place to start making sense of all this data, and using it to make profit-focused business decisions.

The infographic below explains the “ABC” framework promoted by folks like Avinash Kaushik – you may’ve also seen this when it was adopted within the revamped traffic sources reporting in Google Analytics. By focusing on specific areas on your customers’ journey to conversion, you too can start extracting awesome insights from your sea of data and start seeing the true ROI of web analytics.

analytics infographic ABC framework

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