Using Facebook Insights to Improve Your Message

For the past few years, Facebook has been offering owners of a Page basic user data including demographic information, ‘Reach’ (impressions) and ‘Talking About This’ (likes or other user activity for your posts). Shortly before the 2013 holiday rush, Facebook announced a new and improved Page Insights administrative panel and there are some great new features! Much like other analysis tools such as Google Analytics, the way you interpret the data provided can make or break campaigns.

Facebook Insights Video



Below are a few of BEM’s favorite tools available through Insights. For an overview of the new features Facebook rolled out, click the video to the right.


Overview Tab – The overview tab shows a high level snapshot of the overall page performance for the last week. When you’re planning out your Facebook advertising campaigns, keep a close eye on your most recent posts for high reach and engagement. The more popular a post is amongst your existing fan base, the better your chances are for recruiting new fans. If you get a lot of clicks, likes, comments or shares, consider boosting your post so that it shows up more often in your fans AND their friends’ feeds.

Demographic Information – Under the ‘People’ tab of Insights is a listing of your current fan demographics as well as those of people you have reached. These are also compared against all of Facebook so you can see how your fans match up against everyone else. Understanding the age, gender and location of your current fans and those connected to them can help you create more customized posts, photos, videos and other marketing materials that appeal to your primary and secondary audiences.

Times – Timing is important in maximizing your reach and engagement. Times are displayed in two places under the Posts tab. The first section shows how many of your fans were online for the past 7 days along with a curve displaying the time of day fans are online (most likely whale-shaped). Below that is a listing of your posts along with their published date/time and statistics about how each post performed. This chart allows you to sort the data by each of the top level categories and can help you gleam important trends in what posts and times of day have the best reach and engagement.

If you have any specific questions about Facebook Insights, leave them in the comments and we’ll respond shortly.

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